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What's CPT Continuing Education?

In general, massage therapy education is required to practice in any state of the united states. Specific requirements for massage therapists also vary by state or region. Massage education programs can be found in both private and public postsecondary educational institutions. Most massage programs…

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Use This Great Care Plan For Great Stress Relief

Lymphatic massage is one kind of massage based entirely on the theory it will stimulate the lymphatic system, which takes away waste products in the immune system back to the liver. When lymph is drained it's removed from the body. The body then can flush away toxins and waste through the urine, swe…

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My Own Treatment For a Skin Tighten!

The Burmese massage originates in central Asia, especially in China. In most cases, that the Burmese massage originates from Thailand, however, there are some cases that it is done in Vietnam too. The Burmese massage, also known as"Lavan Thon Keaw" and also the"Thon Keaw Mo," is a combination of the…

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What Is Swedish Massage Therapy?

The history of massage varies widely in accordance with culture and time frame. Ancient Chinese background records mention massage processes being an important part of health treatment during early days of Chinese liberty. Massage techniques were used as part of Chinese military strategy in the righ…

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